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ρ(θ) = 6cos(2θ) with first and second derivatives:




ρ(θ) = 9sin(3θ) and ρ(θ) = -9sin(3θ):

x=cos(7tau) and y=sin(5tau)



Variations of sin(5θ):




x = cos(7τ) and y = sin(5τ)

x=cos(7tau) and y=sin(5tau)



x = cos(7τ) and y = sin(11τ)

x=cos(7tau) and y=sin(11tau)




x = 5cos(τ)+3cos(7τ) and y = 5sin(τ)+3sin(7τ)

x=5cos(tau)+3cos(7tau) and y=5sin(tau)+3sin(7tau)




x = 5cos(τ)+3sin(7τ) and y = 5sin(τ)+3cos(7τ)

x=5cos(tau)+3sin(7tau) nad y=5sin(tau)+3cos(7tau)



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